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Getting Your Swag On Without Breaking The Bank

Keeping up with trends can certainly put a dent in your finances, and this is especially true if you're male. Recent research by the boutique Ogilvy, found that men spend an average of $85 per month on clothing, compared to the $75 spent by women.

Of course, clothing is only one ingredient that makes a perfect look. Skincare, accessories, and other items also bring your monthly costs up. If you wish to stay on trend yet continue to save for your bigger life goals, follow these tips and look fantastic for next to nothing.


The first step to acing your look this summer is to make a list of must-have items for the season. Judging from the Big Four fashion shows (London, Milan, Paris, New York), just a few buys are cycling sunglasses,

1980s short shorts (think Oliver in Call Me By Your Name short), snake print leggings, monochrome white ensembles, and neck chain bags (small enough to hold your money, credit card, and – if pertinent – tobacco). Neon prints, bare chests (think open tailored jackets or open linen summer shirts) and boho chic vibes will also be seen.

Make a list of around four or five items that you think will go with a variety of looks. Rather than shopping at high-end designer shops like Dior, Herm├Ęs or Prada, however, step into shops like Zara, whose clothing is majorly influenced by Big Four designers, and is always on point with respect to ‘it’ colors and cuts.


Top-end leather bags and accessories can set you back thousands, but depending on the industry you work in, owning at least one (maybe two) high-end items can be considered an investment.

This is particularly true if you work in the luxury lifestyle or real estate sector, where you are selling a lifestyle and aiming to instil an aspirational vibe in your customers. If you don’t wish to touch your savings, you might decide to look into alternative ways of paying.

This can involve purchasing a luxury accessory and financing payments, or paying for items with low-interest credit cards. If you must borrow money to buy an item, make sure the pay-off period is short, and make sure the item is a good investment. A luxury watch, bag, or jewelry item should have a long life and be potentially resaleable if necessary.


It is never a good idea to throw away clothes that look good as new. This is because fashion is cyclical, and what was old becomes new every few years. Take 1980s monochrome neon looks, which are new huge on everything from tailored suits to shorts for men.

Visit a tailor or dressmaker that charges budget prices for alterations, and see how old items like jeans, shirts, and pants can be cut and styled into whole new items - for instance, old jeans can make fantastic shorts.

Mix and match older items with seasonal purchases. Finally, stepping into a thrift or secondhand shop may just surprise you for the better, with everything from jewelry to cool shirts ready to be rediscovered and reloved.

If you wish to stay on trend, the key is to make a list of priorities and alternate trendier items with classics. When it comes to accessories like belts, briefcases, and jewelry, nothing quite beats a classic Louis Vuitton or Prada item, so if you splurge on a high-end item, make sure it will stand the test of time.

Finally, let your creativity run wild, and think of how you can give new life to top quality items from past seasons.


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