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Clothing And Style Hacks For The Modern Gentlemen

Clothing And Style Hacks For The Modern Gentlemen
we’ve recommended some men’s fashion and style hacks to achieve in order to get the modern-day gentlemen style and vibe with ease and no fuss. Dressing like a modern day gentleman can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re not confident with your fashion knowledge and sense of style. Look no further as we’ve recommended all the need-to-knows for this fashion style.


Brogues are one of the first fashion items and style hacks you should invest in to achieve the modern gentleman sense of fashion style. There’s nothing worse than knowing you don’t own a pair of smart shoes – apart from work shoes. Brogues have a great fashion style which means you can wear them to work (very stylish) or you can wear them on an evening out with friends when you want to dress up. The classic brogue is made from leather and comes in a few basic colours: black, beige, burgundy and brown.

Top Tips

  • Choose the type of brogues that suits your style, outfit and the occasion for which you are dressing.
  • Select brogue shoes with lots of perforations for casual outfits, and styles with minimal holes for formal ensembles.
  • Dress up brogues by picking a slim pair in a classic colour and wearing them with a suit or tailored trousers.
  • Pair light coloured chinos with classic brown brogues and a button-up shirt for an elegant yet relaxed look.
  • Wear brogues with slim dark blue jeans and a T-shirt and blazer for a stylish, smart casual look.
Clothing And Style Hacks For The Modern Gentlemen


Men’s braces used to be considered outdated, unfashionable and sort of synonymous with older people. Nowadays, they’re considered one of the best style hacks for looking fashionable and on trend. Braces are considered a must-have item if you want to achieve the modern gentlemen look with minimal effort and lots of ease. Braces are traditionally worn over a shirt and then clipped onto the waist of your jeans or trousers.

Top Tips

  • Braces can be a creative alternative to belts. For a vintage aesthetic alluding twenties references, keep an open mind when electing to accessorise with suspenders that can come in a range of textures and colours.
  • Opt for contrasting braces to your shirt for a more dimensional look and ensure your shoes go with your overall palette.

Clothing And Style Hacks For The Modern Gentlemen

Classic Shirt

A classic men’s shirt is definitely one of those menswear fashion pieces that’ll never go out of style, fashion or trend. It’s also another one of the best style hacks for the modern day gentlemen’s fashion wardrobe. It’s an easy and versatile piece that can be worth with literally anything, and will always look good. Wear your shirt open, closed, or half buttoned up depending on what you’re wearing underneath the shirt. How you choose to wear your shirt sleeves is also another element too. Roll them up for a more casual, relaxed look and wear them down and buttoned up for a professional, neat and stylish vibe.

Top Tips

  • You can never go wrong with traditional colours for your shirt choices. Ensure you have all the great staples, like white, powder blue and pale pink. This will afford you more freedom when you come to pair your shirts with ties.
  • Patterned shirts should be welcomed for a distinctive change, but stick to traditionalist patterns and colours to keep your looks grounded, like simplistic checks and washed out ginghams.
Clothing And Style Hacks For The Modern Gentlemen

Classic Man Bag

The man bag is still considered one of the more radical style hacks. However, it’s still considered now to be a key fashion feature in a modern gentlemen’s wardrobe. Men have belongings just like women, so why shouldn’t they have a bag too? Like women’s bags, man bags come in an array of colours, sizes and shapes – so there isn’t one standard style or design to pick from. Opt for a nice leather sizeable man bag for work travels, or a smaller brown man purse for day-to-day errands and living.

Top Tips

  •  Do not underestimate the importance of colour – Basic colours always come first.
  •  Match the bag to your outfit – as obvious as this may sound, turning up to work in a premium suit and a canvas backpack isn’t the brightest idea or look of the year.
  • The bag needs to fit your everyday essentials – if it has no compartments, it’s a no go.

Clothing And Style Hacks For The Modern Gentlemen

Statement Blazer Jacket

A blazer is a type of jacket that is considered suitable for formal occasions. Although blazers are similar to suit jackets, they do not technically feature matching pants. This is one the best style hacks for looking dressed up, but not too dressed up. Likewise, blazers often feature less structured shoulders than suit jackets. Here are some recommended fashion combinations of how to wear your blazer jacket.

Top Tips

Chinos and Blazer
Shorts and Blazer
T-shirt and Blazer
Jeans and Blazer

Clothing And Style Hacks For The Modern Gentlemen


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